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I'm the prodigal son to photography. Many years I had lost my way and found my way back. In my youth I had the passion for film, lighting, and story... but life was full of... more
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Muse Evolution Photo



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Muse Evolution Photo

about Muse Evolution Photo


I'm the prodigal son to photography. Many years I had lost my way and found my way back. In my youth I had the passion for film, lighting, and story... but life was full of complicated twist.
I had found desire in shooting... I wanted to shoot every genre, but I realized economics was a sobering truth. So I made a choice to narrow my passion for the time being down to focusing on the female nude.
I have been dedicated to just that and stand committed to diligently shooting that genres consistently throughout 2019.
I long for nudes in nature, urban decay, relics of all forms of abandon. I have expanded my parameters from shooting locally to expanding into Touring Globally with season Muses and Passionately articulate Models finding there cadence.
I dedicate 4 days out of the week to this outlet of creativity by well advanced appointment... and I am seeking like minded Artist.
I just self published a coffee table book and I am in the midst of approving it. I have a collection of Canvas Prints for Art Gallery Events and I am in the process of creating MORE. My goal now as is always is to build a strong network of professionals interested in growing, creating, and cultivating phenomenal relations.
I have hovered around Fine Art Genres and now I am wide-eyed and eager to work with more Erotic, Fetish, and Bondage Muses to create all the typical Erotic Fetish, and Bondage Juju, but infused with a touch of Muse Evolution Photography style... No, I don't have a better plan, just have the desire to create with some boldly contagious Muses and learn along the way what makes my heart yearn for this kind of melody that brings me rhapsody.


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  • Beautiful photography work!!!

  • Thank you for adding me. Your portfolio is stunning. Outdoor nature and urban decay photography are some of my absolute favorite styles. I am moving to Boulder, CO in July so please let me know if you are ever in that area, I would love to create with you.

  • Thank you for adding my images to your phenomenal galleries! I absolutely love your work! Your use of color and light create stunning images!

  • I love how your images are a wonderful balance of nature and beauty. Your obvious talent and skilled use of background and contrast allow the canvas to come to life and speak to the viewer.. Excellent blend of harmony, beauty and grace.. thank you for sharing your obvious talent..

  • Thank you for adding so many of my images to several of your galleries. I appreciate it.

  • Huge thanks for adding so many of my images to your galleries!! Unfortunately, Im not on here as often as I'd like to be & just now saw that it wasnt just one image you've added. I am truly honored!

  • Thank you so very much for your very kind compliment on my work. Your comp has truly touched me as it's generally the young models that are photogs muses. Im beyond ecstatic knowing you enjoy my work!! Again I thank you kindly!! :)

  • Thanks for the sweet comments. Your work is unique and so artistic

  • Thank you so much for the kind words! Your work is absolutely gorgeous as well. I look forward to following your work, and would love to collaborate if I ever find myself on the West Coast!

  • Thank you also for the favorites. Fantastic Portfolio you have. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks so much for the kind words. Your work is terrific.

  • Thank you so very much for the follow, all of my images you've added to your galleries as well as your image comment. I truly appreciate your compliments!!

    Your port contains very diverse & beautiful images!! :)

  • Beautiful work! Thank you for finding me on here!

  • Beautiful, artistic work you've done. Thank you for your lovely comments as well. If you're ever in the Twin Cities area, I'd be honored to work with you.

  • Thank you for the support and kind comments. I appreciate the fact that you have devoted yourself to the female nude as well. Best wishes!

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