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Model Society and Model Society Magazine are dedicated to returning human beauty to it's rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation. Model Society represents the finest... more
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Model Society and Model Society Magazine are dedicated to returning human beauty to it's rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation.

Model Society represents the finest models, photographers and artists on the planet who share a passion for the celebration of humanity through great works of art.

At Model Society anyone who participates in the creative process is a model. We celebrate all looks and body types. Our only standards for inclusion are around quality. We maintain a standard of excellence in the expression of modeling as a true fine art.

Any model, photographer or artists who has cultivated a quality body of work and who's images celebrate humanity as art can participate.

Thank you for inspiring us and for bringing such remarkable beauty into the world. Together we are changing / healing the way the world appreciates human beauty.

Help us grow the movement. Let's reclaim our experience of human beauty from the commercial culture that so often uses our experience of beauty to manipulate us.

We are looking for volunteers to help us spread the message of human beauty as art.

Have a question? Want to help? Contact us at:


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  •  Helen Hellfire
    last week

    Thank you for adding one of my images in your gallery! Have a great day❤️

  •  Lisa Everhart
    3 weeks ago

    Thank you for the gallery addition David.

  •  Ray Kirby
    last month

    Thank you for noticing my picture

  •  Tommy-2's
    last month

    Thank you for adding my photograph to your gallery.

  •  Neil Jacobson
    2 months ago

    Sorry for the typo in my comment be plow. It should start "Thank you..."

  •  Neil Jacobson
    2 months ago

    The US for choosing my photo "Apothecary to your gallery.. I'm pleased that you find some of my work worthy of consideration.


    Neil Jacobson

  •  CassandraAlicé
    2 months ago

    Hey, David! It's been a while since I've popped in to say hello! I'll be posting new content soon! 🤗

  •  Lisa Everhart
    2 months ago

    Thank you David.

  •  SteveLease
    3 months ago

    Thanks so much for featuring my work in the Model Society newsletter. It's truly an honor. I will commence bragging tomorrow.

  •  Tommy-2's
    3 months ago

    Thank yo for adding one of my photographs to the gallery.

  •  Tony Aldridge
    5 months ago

    Thanks for the heads up and thanks for including me.

  •  Peaquad Imagery
    8 months ago

    Thank you, David, for the encouraging comment and gallery add.

  •  Southern Flare
    11 months ago

    Thanks David. Your images are phenomenal your passion shines through each and every image. I'm honored to be part of this Model Society Project.
    Thanks for all you do Davit.

  •  Elki
    11 months ago

    Glad you like the "Shawl" image with Pequad Imagery. Was one great photo from a successful shoot.

  •  wmzuback
    11 months ago

    Hi David,
    Thank you for the kind words on my Reflective Pose image. I greatly appreciate it.

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