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Model Society is the ONLY platform dedicated to high-quality figurative fine art. If you value this space or enjoy the beautiful art, please consider joining us at whatever support level you can.

When we started the Model Citizen program in August of 2021, Covid was wreaking havoc with the economy. We were feeling the pain and the future was more than uncertain. Most people will never know that Model Society is still here because of the Model Citizens who support this space.

Model Society may look like a large, well-funded company, but the truth is we're a small team with a lean budget. As our community grows and technology keeps changing, we need your help to keep things going and provide new tools for our talented members to network and thrive.

Your contribution matters a lot as it helps us plan and move forward.

Most people will ignore this message. But we only need a small percentage of you to upgrade to preserve Model Society and make it even better for everyone.


David Bollt
Model Society Founder

Some of the perks of being a Model Citizen:

Here is a breakdown of all the perks of being a Model Citizen:

  1. Complimentary Model Society Magazine subscription. Join any of our monthly support levels and get a magazine subscription included.
  2. Extended magazine issues with bonus content. Get the director’s cut of every issue with dozens of exclusive pages and images – hand-picked exclusively for you.
  3. FREE stuff, discounts, and exclusive offers. You’ll get instant access to some of our most popular educational products. Plus you’ll get discounts, bonuses, and special offers whenever we launch new products.
  4. Model Society video library. Get access to our ever-growing library of stunning video content featuring intimate model/photographer interviews and much more!
  5. Extended newsletters with bonus content. Our newsletter is famous for a curated selection of the very best new images from around the world. Model Citizens enjoy an extended version with bonus images and exclusive hand-picked content.
  6. Print edition magazines at cost. Obtain the collectible print edition for each new publication at our cost – with no markup.

Extra perks for Model Society Members:

Models, Photographers, and Artists also get:

  1. We will feature your work. We’ll keep an eye out for opportunities to include your images on the website, in newsletters, and in the magazine.
  2. Your work in the Model Citizen Edition of Model Society Magazine. When you choose our top support level (for at least a year), we’ll include your work in a special edition issue of Model Society Magazine to be published annually.
  3. Distinguished profile badges. We’ll identify your profile with a clear indication that tells everyone you are supporting a great experience for the entire community.
  4. Priority service. Actually, you’ll get this anyway (and that’s the point).
  5. More cool stuff soon. From exclusive content and discounts to free education products, we’ll be brainstorming and thinking of ways to thank you!
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We don’t track you or monetize your data. We’re not taking easy money at the expense of privacy. We’ve never sold you out and we never will.

We don’t surround this beautiful art with ads. We don’t junk up your experience with ugly banners or paid links. Model Society is for connecting, sharing, and being inspired; not for ads.

We don’t limit uploads or make you pay for portfolio capacity. Or use other arbitrary restrictions like how many messages you can send. Everyone gets great tools and support.

We have very little drama at Model Society. All new member applications are screened for quality and authenticity, so we’ve had close to zero fake accounts. The people here are legit.

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Complementary Model Society Magazine subscription
We will feature your work
Your work in the Model Citizen Edition of Model Society Magazine
Distinguished Profile Badges
Priority curation
And more cool stuff soon!
Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, and new development. We’re working on a mobile version, profile reviews, and many other new features to help you connect and share your work more easily.
People and Projects:
Similar platforms have dozens or even hundreds of employees. Model Society looks like a large, well-funded company, but behind the curtain, we’re a small, passionate team often operating on a volunteer basis. Your contribution supports our efforts and helps us hire new talent so we can continually improve.