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I am a 52 yr young model & having started modeling at a much older age, I am proud of the success I have achieved thus far. I have been published in several magazines as well being... more
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Phoenix Skye



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Phoenix Skye

about Phoenix Skye


I am a 52 yr young model & having started modeling at a much older age, I am proud of the success I have achieved thus far. I have been published in several magazines as well being their featured model, published in a book for 40* models, the Sexy Fashions edition. I strive to create beautiful works of art as I view the female form as a masterpiece. Artistic nudes is just that...ART; not to be viewed as sexual in nature, I enjoy shooting lingerie, glamour & fashion & am open to other types of shoots as long as the concept meets my port's needs. I am very laid back & easy to work with, not to mention I enjoy having fun at my shoots as well. I work as a team with the photographer and anybody else included in the shoot such as makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe, lighting assistants, etc. Working as a team is essential in order to achieve the ultimate in creating an outstanding piece of art...something we can all be proud of!! I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in working with me.


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  • Your photos are Incredibly Powerful, Resonate with emotion, and Profoundly Beautiful!! I Really Love Your Work, you have a new follower!!

  • Absolutely Gorgeous and amazing physique. Obvious talent and you really speak to the camera with your eyes. Beautiful! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • @Looking Eye you’re so very welcome & thank you for finding my words regarding your port so motivating! It is such a pleasure to view such creative art!

  • Thank you so much for you enormously motivating words on my profile. This is so much honour for me... Thanks a lot. You`re wright, Let`s continue sharing our pictures (your`s are great, too) and one day we`ll meet and have great shootings and wonderful moments together.
    Best wishes

  • Hi Phoenix - sincere thanks again for your continued support and encouragement by adding some of my work to your wonderful galleries. I very much appreciate this! Best wishes

  • Hello Phoenix Starr, thank you very much for having added one of my pictures to your gallery. I must admit what Amazilia Photography said. Indeed, it`s such a petty we live so far away from each other but I think we do understand ourselves as a worldwide movement and maybe one day we see each other eye in eye. Who knows. So far, all the best wishes to you !!!

  • Thankyou Phoenix for adding one of my images, and congratulations on your own superb work.
    Best wishes ;)

  • Thank you so much Phoenix for your very kind words, and putting some of my images into your wonderful galleries! It is indeed unfortunate that we are on different Continents, because I am sure we would produce some very creative images. I look forward to following your work on this site!

  • My pleasure Phoenix to add one of the images from your high quality and creative portfolio to one of my galleries!

  • Thank you! But my meaning was that I might want to include a painting of you in my gallery at me at if you'd care to discuss.

  • Your work is indeed appreciated. I would love to add you to my gallery sometime, if that would please you.

  • You are without contestation or deliberation a phenomenal muse. I adore your works.

  • Wonderful work, very beautiful

  • Thank you for being such a wonderful talent!

  • Great to see you on here beautiful! :)

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