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Underwater Flight

by EdR (P)

Shot with Nikon D 200 in Ikelite underwater housing in 8 foot deep pool

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  • Mature image

8 Community comments

  • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
    11 months ago

    Stunning image. Aqueous, fluid and with the total sense of expanse and space that's befitting of an underwater creation in that it transcends the environment. Beautiful.

    • Randall Hobbet Photographer Randall Hobbet
      5 years ago

      Love how dancerly her form is... great image!

      • ShadowPainting Photographer ShadowPainting
        6 years ago

        Great pose, camera angle, and light. Beautiful.

        • Adero Photographer Adero
          6 years ago

          Beautifully done! Underwater metering must have been more than a little tricky!

          • Beautiful! Adding this to rotation on the homepage.

            • David Bollt Artist David Bollt
              6 years ago

              Wow. Magic!

              • Joanna Model Joanna
                6 years ago

                wonderful! fantastic capture

                • Howard Nowlan Photographer Howard Nowlan
                  6 years ago

                  Great work.



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