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David Bollt

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My work is driven by this conviction... There is something healing in quality art. It returns our shared humanity to its rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation. The... more
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David Bollt



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about David Bollt


My work is driven by this conviction... There is something healing in quality art. It returns our shared humanity to its rightful place as a subject of fine art contemplation. The celebration of human beauty makes the world a better place for us all.

I have been involved with so many different creative communities and have worked with all kinds of artists. When I started working with models, I was not only inspired to create some of the best work of my life, but I also discovered a culture and community that was the most exciting creative community I have ever encountered.

Let's create images that take people's breath away. Let's create beauty that transforms how people see themselves and each other. Most people are not paying attention... Let's show them how beautiful the world really is.


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  • Stunning work!

  • Amazing works love to work with you in some joint venture sir.

  • Wow! Your work is breathtaking! Thank you for the follow!

  • I am complimented/honored that you have choosen to follow my work. I appreciate this site and the programs you offer for artistically inclined photographers = a site where they do not have to be apologetic for their work.

    • That feels great to read. It's been quite an experience to build a platform like this but it wouldn't be a community without all the great artists who contribute their beautiful art and perspective. Thanks for being part of it!

  • Thank you so much David for this community and for acknowledging my work. I feel honored. Great work of yours. Warmest, Jürgen

  • Great, sensitive work, David! Cheers..

  • Awesome portfolio David. Your work is so creative and simply motivating..

    • Thanks!! That feels good to read. Just followed you, can't wait to see how you branch out into the community :)

    • Thank you David.

  • Thanks for following.

  • your images are simply stunning. Thanks for checking mine out!

    • Thank you! That's always great to hear :) Can't wait to see what else you create!

  • Hi David, Thanks for including my photos in your galleries. Appreciate it a lot.
    - Marc

    • Thanks for sharing them! Always excited to see beautiful art here :)

  • David -

    Thanks for including my photo of Ivy Lee in your gallery "Gorgeous " I appreciate the recognition.



  • David -

    Thanks so much for your interest in my photo of Ivy as bodyscape.


  • awesome work. I love your craft

  • David, your work, your portfolio is a stunning collection of trly accomplished, unique and diverse work! Your talent is inspiring, your kindness motivating! I deeply appreciate both David! I will continue to come back to your portfolio to browse, be inspired and simple view outstanding photography/art! Magnificent, top-tier imagery!

    • Wow. That felt good to read. Thanks so much. This community provides so much inspiration to me and it's great to have you here to be part of it!

    • I am glad. They are well deserved words David. Again as mentioned, your work truly is inspiring. So, now I aspire to work harder, shoot more, stretch the imagination and perhaps one day my work will also inspire. ;-) Until then, your portfolio is a regular stop for me. Thanks again and take care!

  • Thank you for gracious words David and your work is breathtaking.

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