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At the end of 2013 I retired from an international career as a geologist and am now devoting more or less full-time to my photography passion. I’ve long been in thrall to the beautiful... more
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Randall Hobbet



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Randall Hobbet Model Citizen

about Randall Hobbet


At the end of 2013 I retired from an international career as a geologist and am now devoting more or less full-time to my photography passion. I’ve long been in thrall to the beautiful in all its forms and thus as a photographer pursue many different subjects from wildlife to landscapes to architecture to longtime exposures to abstract. But a primary fascination for me is that highly evolved form of beauty: Woman. It is the fleeting aspect of beauty that I particularly find an interesting challenge, to capture beauty and yet attest to its fugitive quality.

Those moments can be in the millisecond moment of a dancer, an emotion passing across the face; or the life force of animate nature, be it animal or plant, the patience of a heron, the predatory gaze of a cat or owl, the flower of womanhood… The fleeting moment can also entail changing light in a landscape, or as in long exposure photography, it can approach from the other side to express persistence in time, the energy flux of passing clouds, the flow of a stream, the endless churn of the oceans, the star tracks of the heavens… and yet it is still a moment in deep time, nothing is eternal…


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  • It's beautiful to recognize the reverent attention, and care put into your work, reflected in the subject and complimenting light. thank you for following my work, its a great compliment.

  • It seems like you are the photographer in every 3rd image here that I comment on here; and that's not when I'm viewing your portfolio! Your work is truly some of the very, very best.

    • That means a lot to me coming from you Wes. I've seen your work over the years and it's always first rate and working with some favorite models of mine. I wish you would share more of it here on Model Society. This is THE PLACE to showcase it!

  • Thank you for such a kind comment, Randall! Was such a nice thing to read after logging in today. I'm also happy we got to work together!

  • Thank you for the friendly image comments!

  • Thank you for the image comment, and inclusion in your gallery!

  • I am so very honored to be in your new gallery. Thank you!!!

  • Thank you so much for the addition of one of my images to your gallery! It reminded me that I had not looked thru your portfolio for some I took time to go thru it and enjoy your exquisite work. I am truly blown away with your work!!!!

  • Thank you for the nice comment and gallery addition. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Italy :)

  • Thanks for the add to your outstanding Gallery. Coming from a talent like yours means so much.

  • Lovely work all-round Randall!

  • Randall,

    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and hearing your stories at Femme Nue Jamaica. I truly adore your work and your eye for art. You and Philip Turner have both mentioned a book. I meant to converse with you about your comments when we were on the Jamaica tour, but never got to it. I would love to visit with both of you on your thoughts (I do have a couple coffee table books of my work up to 2017). Hope you are well and hope to cross paths again. Cheers!

    • Lonnie, likewise, a pleasure to finally meet up with you. And I see you are much faster than me in getting gorgeous images out, both from the Yucatan and Jamaica. If you do make it out to the Bay Area, we three definitely should get together for that conversation--that would be wonderful!

  • your work is incredible! I couldn't stop adding your images to my favorites your images lol. Thank you so much for sharing

    • Haha! Thank you so much Amar and for all your gallery adds. Glad you like! :-)

  • Many thanks Randall, coming from you means a lot....

  • I have been a big fan of your beautiful work for some time now... Such a pleasure to follow your imagery here too.

  • Your work is always inspiring!

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