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My objective as an artistic figure photographer is to pay homage to the structure and workings of this wonderfully complex machine we call the human body, and to the power and... more
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about Adero


My objective as an artistic figure photographer is to pay homage to the structure and workings of this wonderfully complex machine we call the human body, and to the power and dignity embodied therein. I have a predilection for chiaroscuro, and enjoy melding other artistic mediums--including performance arts and origami--with figure photography. While nature and still-life photography remain my first loves, incorporating the latter into figure photography is always a welcome endeavour!


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  • Ilse Peters Model Ilse Peters
    last month

    Thank you for your great compliment for my PF! I love your work very much! Kind regards from Ilse :-)

    • Through the Artist's Eyes Artist The Artist's Eyes
      2 months ago

      You have an unbelievably creative and beautiful portfolio.

      • pblieden Photographer pblieden
        last year

        Thanks for comment on my image "I love myself" was a twelve second open shutter where the model took one position first and then moved halfway through long open shutter and no image manipulation with a colored light for illumination.

        • Adero Photographer Adero
          last year

          Ah, that technique was my first guess, but not the 12 seconds--that had to have required a considerable amount of spatial awareness and precision--and not to mention timing--on your collaborator's part. And yours, for framing this so perfectly. I'd often thought to try something like this, but you've set the bar fairly high!

        • pblieden Photographer pblieden
          last year

          I had a lot of practice...the twelve second shot was the basis of the images for a book i self published...

          thanks !!

      • DKA Photographer DKA
        last year

        Thanks for your Tag on MM. Looking at your work there and here, I think we have a lot in common in our approaches. Beautiful work all around!!!

        • Chelsea Jo Model Chelsea Jo
          last year

          Wow, I love the artistry of your work.. so captivating, inspiring and amazing. I also love the playful nature that the origami animals bring to the image. The images tell a story and pay homage to your talent.. Beautiful, inspiring work.. thank you for sharing.

          • Beautiful portfolio! Love your use of the tiny paper figures and particularly 'Hop'! And thank you for your comments. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.

            • Tony Aldridge Photographer Tony Aldridge
              last year

              Thanks again for kind words.

              • Mila Model Mila
                last year

                Very nice.

                • Bianca Black Model Bianca Black
                  3 years ago

                  Thank you for the warm welcome. It's good to be here! Hope all is well with you!

                  • Lily Spring Model Lily Spring
                    4 years ago

                    Thanks! Glad to be here!

                    • wmzuback Photographer wmzuback
                      4 years ago

                      Thank you for the nice comment. You have a wonderful selection of images.

                      • Elki Model Elki
                        4 years ago

                        Thanks for the welcome! Lovely port you have!

                        • Voodoo Howyacall Model Voodoo Howyacall
                          4 years ago

                          Thank you for the lovely comment! And you never know what the next day, let alone, week, month, or year might bring. :)

                          • Alandra Ivari Model Alandra Ivari
                            4 years ago

                            Ha if only I was a superhero...

                            • Seanartphoto Photographer Seanartphoto
                              4 years ago

                              Thank you for the kind comments. If you ever are over in the U.K. and come up to North Wales ping me a message and I will buy you a coffee.

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