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2020: Big USA & Canada trip. Taking bookings already (10 months in advance); get in touch for info. I am a professional, versatile, natural model/muse, writer, sort-of-actress,... more
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Ella Rose Muse



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Ella Rose Muse

about Ella Rose Muse


2020: Big USA & Canada trip. Taking bookings already (10 months in advance); get in touch for info.

I am a professional, versatile, natural model/muse, writer, sort-of-actress, dancer, globe-trotter & tea-addict. :-)

Please note: I travel a LOT and rely on those interested in working with me to send me direct messages/emails to express interest in my availability for bookings.
For direct contact:
For general expressions of interest, please sign up to this form to get a personal email to your inbox when/if I have plans to visit near you:

I'm easy going, friendly, calm & creative.... I have many repeat bookings & happy testimonials... etc. etc. (these are viewable via my website!). :-)

I'm represented by commercial & casting agencies, but also take bookings directly and independently. (And globally.)

Full info is on my website (first link above), but since you're here...


I am very expressive and emotive, and personally find images the most appealing and interesting to look at when they show some character and feeling (authenticity, naturalness, femininity, moods, intrigue and sensuality, etc.), and I hope/think this probably shows in my work. My dance background and empathy has instilled in me a huge and largely subconscious understanding of body/facial language and movement.

I'm available for agency work and occasional, select projects (beginners absolutely welcome!) with artists/photographers/others who have good intentions and a drive to be creative.

Available for and experienced in:
- ART (anything beautiful/interesting/experimental; nothing 'adult')
- TV/Film (standard southern-English/RP accent; playing age early/mid twenties)
- COMMERCIAL (Fashion, Lifestyle, Dance/Sports, Wedding, Hair/Beauty)
- GLAMOUR (if it's done beautifully, with elegance and subtlety)
...I work with photographers, painters and artists of various media, whether amateur hobbiests or experienced industry professionals, for exhibitions, workshops, commercial publication or for-the-fun-of-it creative portfolio building. I welcome all enquiries, questions and ideas, whether it's last minute or far in advance, and wherever in the world you are.


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  • Superb portfolio

  • Such beautiful works by a lovely and talented model. Great portfolio!

  • Would love to shoot with you in person, some time.

  • Beautiful woman, lovely images, great work! <3

  • Hi Ella, I got your e-mail today! So excited to work with you in May! It will be the highlight of my year!

  • I have loved your work ever since I discovered Model Society. Your images overflow with a grace and purity that never fails to deeply move me. I look forward to seeing the future wonders you create!

  • Nice to find you here, I hated FB for censuring your nice images. In fact, I have seen and loved your MS portfolio before and ever since, but I just signed up, and hope to be friends with you here too. :)

  • Lovely work. Please come to Boston!

  • An absolutely STUNNING collection of art!

  • lovely images

  • Thanks for including me in your portfolio. Beautiful range images as always

  • Wenn you smile, you free my soul and let it fly high! Thank you.

  • Your work inspires me

  • Glorious [:

  • great portfolio and love your ethos.

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