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I have been photographing nudes in landscapes for more than 50 years. I have 9 images in The Kinsey Institute permanent museum collection and 3 images in The Center for Fine Art... more
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Shadowscape Studio



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Shadowscape Studio Model Citizen

about Shadowscape Studio


I have been photographing nudes in landscapes for more than 50 years. I have 9 images in The Kinsey Institute permanent museum collection and 3 images in The Center for Fine Art Photography permanent collection. I have displayed my work in The Art Institute of Chicago and I am represented by 6 galleries around the world. That said, I consider my photographic abilities to be well below that of many really good photographers I know and respect. But what I do makes me happy.
I shoot digital, film, and a variety of others, depending on my physical condition at the moment in order to lug equipment about the countryside. Moving more into digital as I age, but not because I like it better, it's just lighter in weight.
Hate being cooped up in a studio as I find no pleasure in playing with studio lights when I could be in a canyon, woods, or river working and seeing what mother nature has challenged me with in the way of lighting that day.
I approach every shot with a story, attempting to make an image that tells that story. I have little interest in shooting a beautiful model in front of a waterfall just for the sake of having a lovely image. If there is no story being told, I'm not doing it.
I make every attempt to be diverse as possible and not get stuck in a rut of shooting the same style over and over and over. I don't want someone to look and one of my images and say, "That's one of Dave's." I want them to look and see who made the image and say, "Golly, that's one of Dave's."
I do not participate in social media outlets of any type. This is the only photo site I have found morally fit to join.
Located in Northern Minnesota (model dead zone for 200 miles in any direction).
Please review my web site if you are interested in working with me.

Name is Dave, and I believe an avatar image ought to be of the person it represents and not someone else. Hence, this photo is of moi, along with their strategically placed MC badge.


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  • Thank you that compliment. There will be more of her.
    Really beautiful images you have, many I can relate to.

  • Amazing portfolio some really stunning images here!

  • A beautiful body if work - creative and emotive.

  • Thank you! My model Jay can pull off some amazing poses.

  • Thank you for your kind words. We've enjoyed every second and see no reason to stop just because we've gotten older. Bodies are beautiful whether they are big, small, young or old. They must not be hidden, they must be shown. With pride. Thanks again, we will be so proud.

  • Dave I can't believe you went through all 14 pages of mine! I just can't delete imagery, runs counter to my keep everything brain. I am finally culling down the homestead too after seeing what 45 years of accumulation did to my mom. For me, exacerbated by my commercial photo years I'm sure (stock agency in Japan). Why I have always worked well with an editor (human), even if I did disagree with the images chosen. Loved your take on appreciation of the finer things in life; I very much agree. Thanks for sharing your work with us, it's a pleasure to experience. I appreciate the discourse as well. Unfortunately, I did not come across your missing 104mm lens. I am still carrying too much gear, even with the digital revolution vacating a lot of the need for view cameras, tripods, lenses, film holders and storage necessities for film. Keep on keeping on. Kindly, Philip.

    • I am, for the most part, a 20th century hold out. Can do basic editing on the computer but have no idea what layers are or how to use them. Still have a cord on my phone connected to the wall (only phone I own). If I'm not in my house, you can't get me. Told the wife a few months ago that she could turn the darkroom into a sewing room if she wanted. Those words hurt like I had lost a close loved one. But I'm glad that I grew up and spent most of my life with film, if for no other reason than all the memories spent in a darkroom, watching the magic happen and learning basic life skills, like two drops of stop bath in gin makes a dandy martini. You can't do that in Photoshop. Don't delete a thing and deprive us of any of your art. Be well my friend, Dave.

  • wonderful works of art....remain Curmudgeon.

  • Excellent portfolio - I love your work.

  • This is a wonderful portfolio. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work.

  • Truly inspiring photography!

  • Thank you for the kind words!


  • Great and inspiring environmental nudes - my favorite genre as well!

  • Wonderful portfolio.

  • Dave, were you a RIT (Rochester, NY) student too? The image on your web sites main page, I swear I have the same location in one of mine (Hanksville, Utah)? I am an old guy too and failing fast and making the change to purely digital for the same reasons; (too much gear to haul around for film). My favorite domain is also the nude in nature. Too many similarities and I love the imagery you've captured (faces or not). Lets make the most of the time we have left to create and hopefully bring out something worth chatting about. Appreciate your kind words as well.

    • RIT 72-74. Switched to St. Louis U in 74, which was a mistake on my part, but water long under the bridge.
      Main page photo on my site is actually Lake Powell minus water, taken during the time they were finding bodies about. Made for good hiking, bad boating.
      Use to carry about an 8X10 Deardorf with three lenses and a dozen film holder, not to mention a studio tripod. Finding it getting difficult to lug around my D850 with one lens and a carbon fiber pod lately. Old age sucks.
      Thanks for the visit Philip. Be nice to visit with you some day and chat a bit.
      Stay vertical, my friend.

  • Thank you very much for your words

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