a celebration of human beauty

Fantastic work, powerful, provocative, immediately engaging! Really beautiful!

love this, dramatic and simply beautiful :)

Thank you!

Spectacular image!

Thank you!
This is one of my favorite images.

Brilliant work, the two of you.

His vision, your body - two great talents to pose and light this to create the composition. I love it!

Thank you! It was an honor to collaborate and create this image with Dennis..

Thank you ... it was indeed a true collaboration!!

I know a lot can be said about the lights and all that stuff. but I want to appreciate the brave and strong soul beneath it all who has the creativity and strength to take this pose with poise.

Indeed it was. Trust, vision and a desire to create art, are powerful motivators which resulted in one of my favorite images!

Really it was all about a shared faith that was
a combination between Trust and Vision

nice light ...amazing body !!!

Thank you so much!

I Love how the light shines on you with the high key and low key giving you the beautiful shape that you have this is definitely a artistic image I love it nice work.

Thank you! Collaborating with Dennis on this image was magical.

Beautiful shape and form.

Thank you so much!

Hauntingly beautiful, great symmetry.

Thank you for your beautiful comment!

No greater example and representation of Art than that of the Female Form - Beauty to Behold!

These are great words, the two of you! :-D

The female form has been the epitome of art from the beginning of mankind... Behold the artist, who is able to capture that form, in his creation of art!




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