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Phoenix Flower

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We are a husband and wife team, who have made erotic photography part of our relationship for the past few years. We focus on creating images of sensuality and sexuality that provoke... more
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Phoenix Flower



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about Phoenix Flower


We are a husband and wife team, who have made erotic photography part of our relationship for the past few years. We focus on creating images of sensuality and sexuality that provoke desire and intimacy in the viewer.

Our images often focus on the female breast as the peak of human beauty, but we also create bodyscapes, posed scenes, and even some images with both of us in front of the camera. We use digital black and white as our primary medium, but have also dabbled in color and film photography.

For the past year or so we have started posting our images online, to some acclaim and positive feedback! We are looking to join a community of like-minded and talented individuals, from whom we can learn and grow our art.


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  • Absolutely!
    And thank you for including me in your gallery!

  • Wonderful portfolio!
    You tell such beautiful stories with your gorgeous bodies!

    • Thankyou JT - we vary between story-telling and simply celebrating her female charms 😉 Either works for me!

  • Thank you for adding one of my photos to your gallery. It's gratifying to be noticed and appreciated for my work.

  • Thank you for your gorgeous words and I look forward to following your work. Wish we had more fem photogs in my area. :)

    • Hi Amaranthisme - we're a team really, husband and wife. PF is the model and since the pics are her we have a "female" profile, but I'm definitely not 😁 I would say though that there are a ton of really great female boudoir photographers I've used as inspiration and education. They're out there! PF has some great ideas for shoots though, so I have a feeling she'll be behind the camera at some point.👍

    • Oh fab! I was late to read your bio :) No wonder your photos are so natural. :)

    • Thankyou! Yes, it's a team effort and our pictures reflect a genuine passion and sensuality that we want to share.

  • Phoenix Flower -

    Thank you for your comment about and inclusion in your gallery for the bodyscape in my portfolio.

    Neil Jacobson

  • Thank you for adding my photo to your gallery.

  • I like your approach and making photography part of your life as a couple. You have a beautiful wife and I like your pictures. They show intimacy and respect. Well done.

  • Thanks for visiting SABB, and for selecting one of my images for a special gallery. Enjoed viewing your portfolio.

  • thank you for checking out my work and the comments. You have some nice work also

  • Phoenix Flower, wow such a great portfolio :D I love it very much :-)

    • Thankyou so much! That means a lot, especially as we're really just amateurs at this, doing it for a hobby.

    • Phoenix Flower you're very welcome, for me is it the same, I'm an amateur too and as you I love to do it for a hobby :D Enjoy it! Greetings from Ilse :D

  • Thanks for the kind words. Wasn't crazy about using the cancer stick in the shot but Gretchen wanted too.

  • Thank you for adding my images to your gallery!

  • Thank you for your additional beautiful comments and gallery additions! I really appreciate it!

  • Thank you for your addition to gallery, kind words and attention!

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