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Spent a diverse 14 years engaged in freelance design and artistic pursuit alongside my "day job" as Graphics Designer - creating print and web designs. Establishing corporate identity... more
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about dlevans


Spent a diverse 14 years engaged in freelance design and artistic pursuit alongside my "day job" as Graphics Designer - creating print and web designs. Establishing corporate identity (Oh how exciting). Initiating use of photos and graphics to be used for album art, posters, catalogs, product fliers, tourist handouts, product packaging, website layouts, logos, corporate themes, etc. - This is Not my passion nor does it soothe the artistic soul.

Despite some inconveniences ( I'm a dude in a wheelchair - C5 spinal cord injury years ago - yeah, paralyzed) I aspire to create! Having come from a long line of artists, a family of creative thinkers and artistic minded individuals. Born in Massachusetts and growing up along the coastline, I became fascinated with the mysteries and beauty of the Atlantic. As a boy, camera or sketchpad and pencils in hand, I would wander out on the rocks, gaze at the sea, and doodle, experiment, shoot my Vivitar 110 or write - found beauty in coastlines to tan lines. This region of Massachusetts is known for the concentration of artists and photographers. I often wandered the galleries and studios of the Cape Ann area; in awe and knowing I wished to create....

Education in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. Studying design and computer science, degrees with honors in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems and an A.A.S in Graphics Design. Then I finally re-entered the world of photography with my D200 and a couple of SB-600s just back in early '10. Finally I'm happily merging the diversity of design together with the beauty of photography.

I am eager to continue challenging myself, learn from fellow photogs, models, artists and all you beautifully diverse / creative people! Oh yeah, I'm a bit of a goof and it's a must to me that everyone on set is comfortable and having fun! Escorts, friends, companions, etc., always welcome! Not looking to "hook up" And! I DO NOT touch models/subjects I am a goofball, but pretty good at articulating what we're trying to do. Because of my disability, my shooting techniques are a little unorthodox - so don't think it too odd when I start grabbing dowels, cables, triggers, etc., with my teeth while in the process, as long as I can trip the shutter - we're off - So, lets make cool images.

I do shoot TFP for *serious* models looking for help building a book. Any questions at all? Fire off a note here or through my site (above) Otherwise - Thanks for Reading...




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  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

    • So very kind of you! Thank you so much for stopping by and I really appreciate your comments!

  • Gorgeous portfolio, love what you've done so far!

    • James, thank you very much for the comment and kindness! Deeply Appreciated!

  • Beautiful portfolio!

    • Thank you very much, your time and comment is sincerely appreciated!

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoyed viewing your work as well :)


    • Most welcome Bill, your work in extraordinary! Just found you on MM, made a comment and sent a FR. ;)

  • I like your website !!

  • You have a very lovely portfolio.

    • Thank you very much! I have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying myself along the way! ;-)

  • Your avatar caught my eye as I was browsing, and I wondered if it was in Mass? Nice to meet you, neighbor!

    • Thank you so very much! This reply is very long overdue, but as we are “neighbors“ maybe sometime we could shoot together. :-) Take care!