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three intertwined artistic nude photo by photographer philip turner
Three Intertwined

by Philip Turner (P), Gazelle (M) and her.stillness.dances (M)

Cover Vote 2023: - Models: Gazelle; Her Stillness Dances; Jennifer Jones


4 Community comments

  • Great concept, well executed, and evocative on several levels. Also, a great motivation to get a Weston workshop into my schedule. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the great comment. I have to admit many of my favorite images have been produced at a Weston Workshop, but I am still on the fence for cost/benefit ratio considering the actual shoot time you end up with. But there seems to be something happening in that environment that might offset the cost factor. I'll let you know what I figure out.

    • I'm intrigued, and looking forward to hearing what you learn. Thank you!

  • Truly beautiful image... congrats!

    • Thanks Jim. Done in the natural light Weston Studio too. I seem to get some good results there.

  • This is one of the best nude photos I ever saw. And I admit that I have seen some in my life. A marvelous combination of tones and lines. Compliments!

    • Thank you for telling about the creation of this beautiful image. Gazelle contributed beautiful part to the whole!

    • I am truly grateful you've had such a great response to the image. This was done in a natural light studio too at a Weston Workshop on at Edward Weston's historic home on Wildcat Hill (Carmel Highlands, CA). The magic always seems to occur at these workshops for me. I get a chance to reexamine how I look and respond to the human form in various environments. This one turned out very well as fa as I am concerned too. I am so happy Gazelle saw the comments of the image and responded too.

  • Stunning demonstration of photographic mastery. The tonal range and curves you created here are truly a work of art.



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