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Commitment Artistic Nude Photo by Model Mila

by Mila (M) and Billy Monday (P)

At 7:00am with our first shoot together coming to an end, it was already a sweltering August day. I told Billy, "I'm going to jump off the cliff before we leave. Do you want to take a picture?" He did.

10 Community comments

  • Terrific!

  • Love this

  • I have mentioned this/your picture as one of the famous model Fine Nude Art pictures on internet in my article/website: with a link to your profile

    Is that ok by you?
    It is such an amazing picture.

  • I have seen this picture before on Modelmayhem. It is famous. The best compliments for the model and photographer.

  • Hey! I recognize that leap! One of the greatest spontaneous moments ever!

  • Seriously gutsy jump; great shot too.

  • I love the story Billy tells about this shot. Been a fan for a long time :)

  • I love this image. It's my favorite image of you.

  • Outrageous..., original...., jaw dropingly wonderful!

    The composition is all the more impressive given that there would have been but one chance to capture that moment.



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