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Hi, I'm Mila (MEE-lah). In a nutshell: I am an intense, energetic, reliable, creatively wacky, amicable, and humor-loving fine art nude model. I've been modeling for a decade in... more
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about Mila


Hi, I'm Mila (MEE-lah). In a nutshell: I am an intense, energetic, reliable, creatively wacky, amicable, and humor-loving fine art nude model.

I've been modeling for a decade in the woods, lakes and rivers of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, on the shores of Lake Superior. My hope for these images is that they draw you inside, suspend time...and in that fathomless space between one heartbeat and the next, ignite an awareness of the strength and grace of the human body and our intimate connection to the natural world. To enter this state of grace, nudity is necessary as well as beautiful.

And besides, it has been said that I'm afraid of clothes....I won't deny it. If you want to put me in clothes and take pictures of me, SHOO.

I joined this community to share my art and connect with others for whom art is a lifestyle. I am honored to be part of such a splendid community of artists. There isn't enough time in the day for me to appreciate all of you properly. Thank you for viewing my work!


* * * * *

"Nude Closeup," a collection compiled by EG Irwin.

Article on 'Mila! Adventure, Nude Photography, and Art Modeling.'

Article by CulturedWoman: "Nature Nude Art Model Mila of Marquette, MI."

"Venus Resplendent" by Risen Phoenix Photo


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  • What's up lady?? Still hang out here?? ;)

  •  ChelseaJo
    last week

    Absolutely Stunning. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Mila
    What a stunning portfolio you have, which is full of beautiful and creative images!
    Many thanks for adding some of my images to your galleries and for your kind comment on my work, which is much appreciated!
    Best wishes

  •  Jyves
    last month

    You are a great artist

  •  Risen Phoenix
    4 months ago

    Hope you are still modeling. Would love to shoot with you again.

  •  Looking_Eye
    6 months ago

    Thank you very much for having added several of my pictures to your gallery. I feel honoured

  •  Helen Hellfire
    7 months ago

    Thank you for the gallery addition last week. ❤️

  •  Odinntheviking
    7 months ago

    Great port you have.
    Yeah, def. be in touch if you come back to Iceland :)

  •  marga
    7 months ago

    Absolute world Class ! Your portfolio is amazing. Keep up the perfect work.

  •  Gibson
    7 months ago

    Just wanted to say thank you... Im pleased you like my work, please stay tuned for more...


  •  paulwardphoto
    7 months ago

    Thanks for the kind words. Keep up the great work!

  •  Alan H Bruce
    7 months ago

    Thanks so much, for the very nice note. I've seen your work (MM), your art is spectacular...!!

  •  Inner Essence
    8 months ago

    So thankful for your comment, empowering one another with images & words. Glorious belongs to us both xoxo

  •  Thom Peters Photog
    8 months ago

    Hey pal!! Nice to see you still check in here!!

  •  imagesse
    8 months ago

    Thank you for your lovely comments. That means a great deal..
    Your portfolio is a treasure chest of so many moments of beauty, elegance and grace. The epitome of everything I try to do with a camera.
    I hope our paths will cross one day.....,

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