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I take photographs simply because I want to capture moments of beauty. My work with models revolves around artistic nudes. The human body, in particular the female form, is the most... more
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I take photographs simply because I want to capture moments of beauty. My work with models revolves around artistic nudes. The human body, in particular the female form, is the most beautiful subject there is; a wonderful canvas that can project so many moods and emotions. Clearly, this is a theme that has inspired art for the last 2500 years, so I realise I'm not the first to reach this conclusion!

I prefer to work with available light, predominantly at outdoor locations. I'm fascinated by the emotional & physical contrast offered by so many natural and man made settings. I love the spontaneity of working outside, the inspiration that can be drawn from amazing locations and the fact that every shoot is different; the setting, theme, model and weather all come together to create a unique set of conditions that hopefully come through in the pictures.

I research shoot locations carefully in order to find interesting and original places to shoot; sometimes this is based on an idea or concept that requires a certain location. Alternatively it is the location that suggests a concept. I'm interested in the atmosphere and story that a place has to tell, this can suggest a strong narrative to explore in a series of images. With that in mind I have put together a library of terrific locations over the years, most of which are here in the south west. The rugged beauty of Dartmoor is a special place to me. I relish the physical and mental freedom offered by such wilderness areas.

Similarly I love working by the sea, in particular the land revealed between the tides: a place of dramatic rock formations, incredible colours and textures, caves and caverns along the ocean shore. Equally, I am fascinated by standing stones and stone circles, settings that link us humans to an ancient past, when we enjoyed a stronger connection to the earth and the natural world. My 'studio' also includes a host of ruined buildings - old mines, follies, abbeys and even derelict industrial settings all provide regular fuel for my imagination.

When the weather prevents outdoor work, I do enjoy indoor figure studies, again mainly using natural light for the softness this lends to an image. For me the simplicity of this approach, without complicated props or backgrounds, just working with light and shade, is an appropriate response to the pure beauty of the subject.

I sometimes offer paid shoots to experienced art nude models who can demonstrate a high degree of creativity and originality in their posing and who will add something special to my portfolio. For models with less experience of art nude work, I am more likely to offer a shoot on a TFCD basis. In either case it is essential that the model really enjoys the experience; whether money is involved or not, the aim is an artistically rewarding creative collaboration. So I'm happy to hear from intelligent, intuitive women with a positive outlook on life and who share my aspirations.


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  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • Great pleasure viewing your epically beautiful work!

  • Beautiful work :)

  • Amazing beautiful work. Nature & human body, just perfect!

  • What an outstanding body of work... Your vision of making the model be a part of nature is breathtaking. I love the natural light.

  • I love your portfolio. Very talented photographer/artist. So glad I go to enjoy it.

  • Unique, powerful, and emotional photographs exhibit the beauty of the nude within the landscape. Awesome!

  • Thank you for the reactions on my pictures!
    You have nice work!

  • I have loved your work ever since I discovered Model Society. Thank you for creating and sharing beauty with a world that needs it!

  • Thank you for the lovely comments Perry! It was a pleasure working with you!

  • Thank you for the follow. Your portfolio is exquisite!

  • Exceptional work! Stunning photos!

  • A truly stunning portfolio of beautiful work, with some exceptional environmental art nude images. One of my favourite portfolios on this, or any other site! Very well done to you and the models involved!

  • 4 years later, and I still enjoy looking at your work. Bravo!

  • Your portfolio is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!

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