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waiting to rise again sensual photo by photographer mdraeger
Waiting to rise again

by mdraeger (P)

Model: PoppySeed Dancer This picture is the result of a remote shooting which PoppySeed and her friend Kerry made possible. I was in Munich when I made the picture, PoppySeed was in Sweden.


3 Community comments

  • I love thaïs delicate photo

    • Claude, thank you so much! It expressed my feelings in these difficult times.

  • Interesting that you left the vertical line on the right which defines the space so well. It provides a way out of the image which really is appealing. Line of sight goes left to right and out to the light in background on the right.

    • Thank you for your remark! In the mean time I actually think I should have left even a little more spe to the right. But sometimes i takes a while to notice such subtleties.. I am happy that you saw the intention!.

  • Thanks for featuring my picture!



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