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father hennepin state park mn artistic nude photo by photographer ray valentine
Father Hennepin State Park, MN

by Ray Valentine (P)


  • Mature image

4 Community comments

  • Thanks so much for the kind words! Bullock has always been one of my inspirations. I've debated putting some of my images for sale on here. Have you done it? How's the quality - I'm kind of particular. My film images I print myself, but the digital ones I get printed at a lab I trust and sell them at shows and sometimes on ebay.

  • This is so classic. I'd think I was looking at a Wynn Bullock image. I would even like to buy a print but I do not see a print purchase option here. Let me know if you have another way for me to purchase a print?

  • Perhaps your finest pic here.

  • Perhaps your finest pic here.



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