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mondrian bodypainting artistic nude photo by model lars
Mondrian bodypainting

by Lars (M)

The 2017 bodypainting day event took bodypainting to Checkpoint Charlie in the very busy centre of Berlin. Together with about 15 other models I got bodypainted all free, all nude, all public with a huge crowd of spectators. My lovely Piet Mondrian style body art was created by Kamila Kasielska - check out her work on Photo by Lech Ok.


3 Community comments

  • Very good!!!

    • Thanks.
      It's from a day of great memories.
      It's not often you get to model in public under safe and accepting conditions.

  • Daring Mondrian ! Great !

    • Slightly daring location to, in broad daylight, but I'm not shy and it's a wonderful memory.

      I'm ready to do more!

    • ... and more still

  • Very special and lovely art.

    • I was really happy to hear that Kamila had Mondrian in mind for the day.

      Thanks for your love of the art.



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