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I am an experienced male fine art and bodypainting model in southern Sweden, near Copenhagen, available for all forms of fine arts, especially nude art photography and... more
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about Lars


I am an experienced male fine art and bodypainting model in southern Sweden, near Copenhagen, available for all forms of fine arts, especially nude art photography and bodypainting.

My work includes many forms of art, in many contexts and in several countries, e.g. fine art nude photography, bodypainting, life drawing, painting, sculpting, casting, installations, performance and stage appearance.

I keep my body fit and slim and my mindset is flexible. intellectual and open-minded with a sense of humor, a creative spirit bubbling with ideas and with curiosity from top to toe. I'm not shy about nudity and I wear my body comfortably.

Except for English you may write to me in Swedish and I also understand German and Danish OK.

Keywords: professional, curious, intelligent, positive, flexible, responsive, initiative, unabashed and naturally nude.


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  • Thank you for adding my photo to your gallery and for your kind words.

  • Such an Inspiring, Artistic Portfolio Lars! I enjoy Looking Through your Portfolio and other Web Links! I'm still quite new to Model Society so learning to Navigate and Understand the Site Slowly! :)

    • Thanks!
      The site is somewhat odd in some aspects
      with some wide open use case gaps but don't hesitate to ask whenever you need.

  • Fantastic work! Thanks for adding my photos to your gallery!

    • You're creative and well worth the attention, that I hope you get.

  • Really artistic Portfolio !
    Thank you for placing one of my work into your gallery ! Much appreciated !

    • I'm happy to hear and I hope that you agree that more photographers and artists should dare to explore working with us male nude art models.

  • Some really interesting and creative images in your portfolio. Great work.

    • Thanks!
      Your low-key bodyscapes are sublime.

  • Amazing portfolio and very supportive friend. Thanks Lars !

    • I hope to keep amazing and exploring, and developing.

  • Thank you LARS !

    • You're welcome and thanks for appreciating my modelling.

  • Thank you for adding my photo in your gallary! I appreciate it very much Lars! :D

    • Honest appreciation is the least one can offer :)

  • Another beautiful work on your portfolio Lars! Great! :-)

    • Thanks!!
      I suppose that you mean the Mondrian bodypainting one and I'm very happy for it too. I can tell you more about it if you want.

    • Hi Lars :-) I mean all the beautiful photo's here on your portfolio ;) I've see the Mondrian photo. I like that, that you always tell me more about everything you want :D

    • An even greater thanks then :)

  • Thank you!
    At the moment I can´t shoot as often as before because of my ittle children, but you´re wellcome to contact me, when you are in Germany, maybe we can manage it. Unfourtunatly I not in Sweden the next time.

    • That would be awesome and let's see what the future brings.

      By the way, on your profile there's a link to that caught my attention but unfortunately it gives a 404 not found error.

    • Oh, thanks for let me know, the link seems to have changed, I edited it.

    • Cooperation :)

  • You like a duoshoot ? I think we can work out a great performance :-)

    • Indeed and I think that we could do fantastic work together.

      I'll update model society with more photos when I have time.

    • I think the same! I hope you had a great Easter :-)

    • I did and it was, by far, more relaxing than working.

  • Great Porfolio Lars! You're an amazing model :D My compliments!

  • Tusen tack :D

  • Thanks for following, amazing gallery!!!

    • You're welcome and thanks to you too.
      Your work is outstanding.

  • Very artistic, I love your imagery, and how your photographs inspire emotion. Very talented and creative.. amazing work..

    • Thanks for your words, they hit the right strings.

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