Model Society

a celebration of human beauty

Meet the Team

Christa Maier

Content and Editorial Director

Christa is a full time model, photographer, artist, wife and mother with more than 10 years experience creating beautiful images. Her passion for this amazing art form is an inspiration that helps drive everything we do. Having worked extensively on both sides of the camera she has a special understanding of the creative process. Christa is an outspoken advocate of human beauty as a true work of art. Check out her modeling and art portfolios.

Adrial Dale

Designer / Art Director

Adrial came on board overflowing with enthusiasm and energy. He brings an impeccable eye for design and delights in excellence. His conviction that Model Society can change how the world relates to human beauty is perfectly aligned with his work as a coach and group facilitator. His passion with Model Society and in the rest of his life is to help people integrate shame to live full rewarding lives. 

Adrial Dale Graphic Design

Sara Mozingo

Talent Scout / Executive Assistant

Sara helps us stay on track, even when creative inspiration threatens to lead us off the rails. She has helped us discover and invite many of our most prolific and actively involved community members. She is a dedicated supporter of the Model Society mission and brings a sense of purpose to everything we do. Sara is a true fan of our community and works tirelessly to help our members bring their creative gifts to the world.

Sara Mozingo

David Bollt

Founder / Editor in Chief

David created Model Society believing that every act of creative self expression helps shape the world. In his career as an artist and his work as a life coach and group facilitator, he has seen how shame blocks people from experiencing beauty in themselves and others. As culture hypnotizes us with messages of shame and judgment, David sees the celebration of human beauty as a vehicle to help people experience themselves and each other with appreciation and wonder. Click to see David's profile.


Bill Jemmas

CEO of 360 Entertainment Properties

Bill’s broad experience and keen insights have been invaluable in helping us see potential problems far enough in the future, so that we avoid them completely. His wisdom and humor often point to simple solutions that are otherwise difficult to see. As the former CEO of Marvel Comics and the current CEO of 360 Entertainment Properties, Bill has been a powerful force in shaping many global entertainment brands. These days, Bill’s influence of popular culture is taking a deeper cut as he is bringing together remarkably talented people to create images of a positive sustainable future for human kind.

Decker Cunov

Founder of Authentic World

When building or understanding a community of any kind, there is no one in the world with the essential insights and guidance that Decker brings. As the founder of Authentic World, he has become a pioneer in exploring the subtle depths of how humans relate with each other. He has created revolutionary tools that are helping thousands experience deeper connections and live richer, more authentic lives. Decker’s guidance has had a profound impact on Model Society culture. His influence can be found in our community collaboration tools, as well as in how we communicate with each other as a team.

Christopher Vroom

Co-Founder of

Christopher Vroom, a well-known patron of the arts and an avid contemporary art collector, is the Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Vice President of While working as a research analyst, Christopher became convinced of the vital role artists play in the foundation of creative culture. As a result, he founded Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artists directly through financial awards, public exposure and access to a national network of support. As a relentless supporter of the arts, Christopher has given us vital suggestions and feedback along the way. His matter-of-fact, casual communication style never fails to illuminate a ‘bigger picture’ way of looking at things.

Eric Kim

Founder and CEO of Twylah

Eric's encouragement, belief in our mission and experience, has had a huge influence on how we think about bringing Model Society to the world. As an investor and entrepreneur, Eric's broad range of expertise includes marketing, business analytics, business modeling, visual communications and online media. Twylah, his most recent venture, gives celebrities and brands a way to take control of their twitter feeds and turn them into destinations for fans and followers. Well beyond a single tweet, Twylah drives engagement into a rich platform for the mission and the message. With featured celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and The White House, Twylah is rapidly becoming an essential component in today's social media landscape.

Special Thanks

To the amazing Models, Photographers and Artists who are at the core of our unique community. Every day you help us see how beautiful the world really is. To Jonathan Markoff, for connecting us with such an All-Star team and for your warm friendly support all along the way. To Mark Bollt, for carrying the torch where no one else could. To Arlene Bollt for helping us see the big picture and for laughing (every now and then) in face of suffering. To Jerry and Beverly for supporting us and believing in us all the way. To Jonas Seider for his sharp insights, loyalty and warm humor. To Steven Kaplan for being a wonderful teacher and friend. To Lucie for inspiring Dago and supporting him in his remarkable evolution. To Jason, Thomas and the team at Venuiti, for your integrity and thoroughness in building the website. Thanks also to Dagobert Renouf, our webdesigner, who helped artchitect our vision for the website. Through it's earliest conception to our public launch he brought his impecable design skills and quest for exclleence to almost every aspect of the project. Thank you to all of our friends and fans... to everyone, everywhere who loves art and beauty. We would not be here, if not for you!