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Model and Yogini: Liliana.

She's really quite something! Wonderful capture Phillip.

Thanks Randall. She's retired from modeling now, married with two kids.

Thanks so much Q!

A classic (head) Turner!

Ha! Appreciate the commentary as always, and the addition to the gallery.

Excellent lighting and a classic image. I echo the comments of @shadowscape studio this is a beautiful and well crafted image. A bit jealous of what you'e both achieved here...

Thank-you so much for the kind compliments. This was one of my first fine art nude sessions I did. Maybe not "the first" but is from 2009. What I have gotten better at is the post processing and the 15 years in-between hasn't hurt my skills.

What a fantastic pose on her part, and the same for your image making. Together the two of you have created something beautiful. Stunning is what comes to mind.

You made it. Perfect.

Thanks so much! I struggled to try and get this to a place where it was just more than pose on a white studio background. I feel like the nearly shadow less lighting really helps bring out her perfect form.

Philip Turner
Model Citizen



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