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Collaborating again on multi-day trips with Lulu and Tim Pile, this time in Ireland (June 2023) for the second time.

Great lighting and use of space!

Stunning image. Where have you been hiding this from us. Really fabulous setup and execution. I know; location, location, location!

Ha ha! Thanks Phil. :-) This was from my recent Ireland trip with Lulu and Tim Pile at our Cork airbnb which we used as a base for shooting in the area. Our first day was relatively inclement and when shooting around the house we noticed this very transient light in the stairway, and resolved to revisit it for the next day. And, of course, in addition to "location, location, location" it's model, model, model!

The lines, the light, the location! Great shot!

This diamond of light waxed and waned multiple times as we pursued it up the stairs over 5 minutes on two successive mornings! :-)

Wow, amazing work (as usual)! Just made this today's featured image on the homepage. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you so much! Always an honor to be featured in this showcase of so many outstanding photographers.models, and artists!



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