a celebration of human beauty
Model: Seraphina in natural light.

Beautiful work

Thanks so much for your appreciative comment.

perfect capture my friend

Appreciate such a kind comment. I am a huge fan of your artistry as well.

Lovely shot, beautiful lighting and an attractive model

Thanks so much. This came together nicely for us.

Stunning capture.

Thanks for your kind comment.

Thanks much Rick. Beautiful model, hard to miss with.

Wonderful composition.

Thanks so much, and your work has been a great revelation in discovery too. What a great creative spirit you are.

Beautiful image!

Thanks Robert, much appreciated.

Wonderful work!! Just added this as today's featured image on the homepage. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for the featuring of this image. I think it conveys a message of beauty, innocence, and a sense of comfortable acceptance. Easy, simple, and unforced. I appreciate the choice very much.

I recognize the location too! ;-)

Ah yes, thanks again for the add to favorites and marvelous comment.

Yes, noticed you were there before as well. Kind of pricey for the limited space however.

Beautiful. I love window light.

Yes, thanks for your kind comment and add to your favorites. I think the window light was superb here and so was the model.

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