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Cover Vote 2023: https://woobox.com/i9gvet/gallery/RALS3182vkY - Models: Catalina Cruise (Foreground) and Ayeonna Gabrielle (Back)

You, sir, clearly have a knack for the craft. Simply delectable artistry.

I sure do appreciate it right back! I love when it feels like you're connecting with an actual human on these digital platforms- certainly choose to celebrate it when it comes. Here's to hoping our art makes it's way to intrigued eyes & the wholesome hearts behind them.

Thank-you sooo much. That's the nicest comment I've read in ages. I do appreciate your awareness of the aesthetic as you do so many great images in nature too!

Amazing image!

Thanks Ted, sheer luck finding this area in this dramatic shape after flash floods the day before which were still affecting roads into this area.

Wow, that location is incredible.

Totally the luck of the draw for location. We drove through deeply flooded roads to get here where most cars were waiting for the waters to recede. So we got the full affect of the what little rain usually falls here.

Stunning. Beautiful models in an amazing environment, perfectly captured. Well done!

Thanks for your very kind comments. I am so pleased with this image in particular and I am sorry I didn't include the color version as well. It really looks like marbled chocolate!

Philip Turner
Model Citizen



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