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Self portrait. Taken by the ruined farmstead of Tre-beddau, near Brechfa (Wales, UK). For the story behind this image, please take a look at this link: https://500px.com/photo/1044490055/tre-beddau-by-ooak-leaf

Goose bump triggering picture! The light is amazing as is the location. Raw beauty at its best, an incredible self portrait.

Here is the image description:
Self portrait. Taken near the ruined farmstead called Tre-beddau, in Tower Forest, Brechfa. I am standing on the remains of a beautiful old wall, made with quartz stones in a decorative herringbone pattern. The walls lined an old trackway leading to the ruined farmstead (of which, there is little trace). Before the forest, this was open moorland, with little farmsteads dotted around, and tree lined cart tracks to connect them. The forest was planted around the farm and the old tracks a long time ago, and it swallowed up all this history with it. In more recent years, the trees were cut down in this spot, exposing the old wall and the old beech trees that sat atop once again. I photographed the wall and these beautiful trees last week. Now the storm has brought all but two small trees down, and they took most of the old wall with them too. I am devasted! This is the last fragment - a precious bit of history - that will soon be lost.



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