a celebration of human beauty

Love this and such a beautiful model!

Thank you very much JG!

Outstanding capture!

Thank you so much A.D. ! I really appreciate it!

ooo lovely, I really this because she's it's like she doesn't care she is play in the dirt !

Yes this was fun and resulted in a wonderful photo - thank you!

Intriguing image! Lovely composition. It brings back childhood memories exploring spaces normally not visited. The gaze of the model - lovely!

You have outstanding work! Inspiring! :-)

Thank you very much Helge! I really appreciate you taking the time to look through my work!

Wonderful use of the space -- gotta love a model willing to get a bit dirty for art!

Thank you so much Randall! I really appreciate your thoughts and kind words!

Love this! Just added it to the homepage banner.

Just added it as today's featured image on the homepage as well :)

Thank you very much!!

A really clever idea - nice work

Gentle, harmonious colors.

Thank you so much!

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