a celebration of human beauty

Your work is lovely!

Thank you so much!

love this, amazing and stunningly sexy :) 💋💋💋

Very nice... both the model's pose and your execution of her position/ expression. Kudos!

Thank you very much!

Very tender. Love it!

A wonderful, expressive drawing with beautifully rendered tones and lines. Stunning!


Amazing art

Nicely captured pose and use of shadows. Beautiful.

Thank you so much!

Such a beautiful portrait!

Thank you very much!

Great work that you do with a really personal style of your own. Cool.

Love your work! Great portraits of the model figures.

Thank you very much!

Lovely. Do you use various models?

I love how you captured tenderness in this

Thank you so much for your generous compliment. It is much appreciated!

Thank you so much!

Adore the mood you created here, inspires me!!

Thanks a lot! I will always be proud of this piece.

This is STUNNING and truly a masterpiece you should be very proud of:)

Wow, thank you! I am quite proud of it. I may do a different version one of these days.

Very nice work

Very beautiful! I love it very much :D

You're very welcome! Your work is beautiful :D

Thank you for your kind words and the gallery addition. I am honored!

This is elegant, feminine and moving.

Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!

Beautiful work.



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