a celebration of human beauty

It would be very difficult to choose between being the photographer or being a hand model
Such an eXquisite image and capture of your beauty and strength!

Thank you so much Dennis!

Spectacular image!

Thank you!

Blissful calm amongst the numerous possessing hands. Provoking. Well done!

Thank you.. for me, this image is powerful in so many ways!

Beautiful. Powerful yet erotic.

Thank you.

Stunning image and what a story flows from it. Powerful.

Thank you. I really appreciate your comment!

Wow...very erotically charged without being sexual. Bravo.

Thank you so much!

Gripping! ;-) Textural and intense.

Thank you!

Fantastic! Creative and Intense.. Love this one.

Thank you! I think that the power and intensity, juxtaposed to the sensuality is what gives this image a beautiful balance.

Amazing image! Fantastic work!

Thank you for such a wonderful comment!

Strong yet sensual. Like a sculpture by Michelangelo.

Strong yet sensual. Like a sculpture by Michelangelo.

Thank you for your incredible comment! :)

A powerful image.

Thank you! I appreciate you commenting!

Excellent! Really striking!

Thank you so much!

Dramatic pose

Indeed. Thank you for your comment!



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