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Breakaway Imagery

Created by Philip Turner

More unusual or differing imagery in either concept or presentation

130 photos
2643 views | 11 comments

Stunning Nudes in Nature

Created by Philip Turner

216 photos
3424 views | 19 comments

Environmental Nudes

Created by Philip Turner

Nudes in many differing environments. Sometimes the simplicity or lack of a definitive environment is key and at others the environment is pivotal.

140 photos
3680 views | 13 comments

Inspiration and Awe

Created by SteelVeils

149 photos
1367 views | 9 comments

work I admire

Created by Fred Scholpp Photo

Odds are this is the kind of work that I aspire to, if your work is here, thank you for sharing. Consider me inspired, and impressed!

92 photos
5768 views | 2 comments

Fred's Favorites

Created by Fred Scholpp Photo

My favorite images, probably here because I love the subject or the way it has been captured. Something in it appealed to me.

60 photos
2054 views | 3 comments

Undone By Beauty

Created by The Artist's Eyes

Believe me when I say this: If I began a journey through the glories in this gallery, I would probably start crying. To those who created these images, I say to you now: Living in this world is easier for me because of these wonders. I don't know how I can possibly thank you enough.

622 photos
15867 views | 51 comments

Favorites by Art Studios Huck

Created by Art Studios Huck

187 photos
1068 views | 9 comments


Created by Ayeonna Gabrielle

644 photos
576 views | 14 comments


Created by Modella Foto

107 photos
1282 views | 7 comments

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