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Etiquette Policy

Introduction Model Society

Model Society exists as a tight-knit, yet expansive, community promoting and facilitating the continuing development and growth of the photography medium.  Our community consists of models, photographers, and artists of all ages, races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds who have excelled in creating the most stunning images in the world.

As Model Society continues to grow, we, as a community, need each and every individual to participate in this online society in a manner which is conducive to the positive and healthy growth of the community.  Model Society seeks to find a perfect union of members that nurture and encourage creativity and respect the craft and talent of every other member.  We encourage our members to express themselves freely and without reservation, while adhering to certain principles of good behavior as outlined below.  We seek to protect each member from copyright infringement, discrimination, harassment, and prejudice.

By accepting membership to Model Society, each and every member is expected to behave in accordance with the rules of etiquette as set forth below.  These rules apply to all members of Model Society and will be enforced without bias to any individual member, regardless of membership status.  If you believe that any member has acted improperly and/or outside the scope of this Etiquette Policy, please email


Guidelines for Community Members;

Quality Control

Model Society encourages and nurtures the growing global interest in photography at all skill levels.  As Model Society prides itself in being a community of the most talented models, photographers and artists, we have established internal procedures to determine whether your work is appropriate for inclusion in Model Society’s canvas of works.  It is our goal to ensure that Model Society serves as a community of quality, creativity, and novelty.  As such, we review each submitted work with objectivity and without bias to the status of the contributor(s). 

If your work is not accepted for inclusion, we ask that you accept our decision, not as an indictment of your work, but rather with the understanding that as we review thousands of talented submissions, the quality standard for inclusion is not static.  We encourage you to continue to submit works for review as you hone your craft.   We respectfully ask that you respect the decisions made by Model Society and do not bring these issues into any forums, blogs, profile pages, etc. We believe that Model Society’s efficacy and success is based on its quality control and maintaining these standards of quality remains a top priority for Model Society. 

Prohibited Commentary

Model Society seeks to provide a civil and amicable community where members exercise respect and reverence for other members.  However, we understand that differing tastes may result in strong feelings toward other members.  Thus, we do not tolerate any commentary that can be considered hateful, aggressive, abusive, prurient, or otherwise disrespectful.  Any comments that are racist, bigoted, or which otherwise offensively target a philosophy or religion will be deemed a violation of this Etiquette Policy.  Model Society also prohibits commentary that may contain material that is sexually explicit, obscene, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, or hateful.  Commentary that contains information that is known by you to be untrue, false or misleading or which does not fairly or accurately depict or describe the subject matter which is the subject of the information posted by you will not be tolerated and will be removed forthwith.  Any content that violates this section of the Etiquette policy will be removed and may result in the revocation of any membership privileges.

If you feel that you have been the target of any prohibited behavior, please email with a detailed description of the harassing behavior and Model Society will investigate immediately.

Discouraged Commentary

Incendiary commentary that may result in personal arguments, disagreement or attacks are strongly discouraged.  Model Society asks that all personal issues that arise as a result of content or commentary through the Model Society website be reserved for private communications between users.

Disruptive or Interfering Behavior

Model Society promotes and seamless and comfortable experience for its members and users.  As such, to ensure the best user experience possible, you may not: (i) interfere or attempt to interfere with service to any member, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a  virus to the website, overloading, "flooding", "mailbombing" or "crashing";  (ii) send unsolicited e-mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services; (iii) solicit money, investments or make any offering of securities or investments; or (iv) submit chain letters or pyramid schemes.

Spamming other members by sending similar comments to a large number of other users is also deemed disruptive and will not be tolerated.

Mature Content

Model Society recognizes that some members may contribute content that, by its very nature, can be deemed as mature content.  For purposes of this Etiquette Policy, mature content includes, but is not limited to, images, commentary, or any other subject matter or themes that contain artistic nudity, violent concepts, or other themes that other members may find undesirable to view or read.  Model Society has the sole discretion in determining whether content submitted through the website is of a mature nature.  While we do not prohibit the submission of mature content, all content of a mature nature must be labeled as such upon submission of any image or comment to the Model Society website.

Model Society strictly prohibits the submission of materials classified as pornographic or obscene. There is no exception to this prohibition.

Model Society reserves the sole right to classify any submission as obscene or pornographic.  Upon a finding by Model Society that a submission is obscene or pornographic, Model Society will immediately remove the image from the website.  Model Society also reserves the absolute and irrevocable right to terminate any membership privileges upon a finding that a member has submitted obscene or pornographic content.


Model Society uses a unique method of revenue sharing among collaborating members pursuant to the Collaboration Agreement (link).  Once a member accepts the Collaboration Agreement, such revenue sharing may not be revoked unless the image is removed by the submitting member or by Model Society.  Upon disagreement of collaborating members, Model Society kindly asks that all disagreements be resolved by the individual members outside of the Model Society website.  Model Society cannot take sides with individual members should an issue of collaboration arise as we value all of our members without bias.  Please do not use forums, blogs, or user profiles to air any grievances you may have with a collaborating member.


Release Agreements

Model Society strongly recommends that all members working with other models, artists or photographers enter into written agreements evidencing a consensual working arrangement which specifically allows the submitting member to publish, share, reproduce, distribute, and otherwise display the associated images.  Model Society may, from time to time, request that you provide such agreement to ensure that all images are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations governing the use of the work in question.  Failure to produce such an agreement may result in the removal of any associated images from the website, and may result in the revocation of any membership privileges.

Underage models

Under no circumstance whatsoever, may a member submit any nude or sexually explicit or suggestive images depicting individuals under the age of 18.  This prohibition applies to images where the subject of the image is either real or fabricated.  Model Society operates in compliance with all the laws of the United States regardless of the submitting member’s country of origin.  Any image that violates this prohibition will immediately be removed by Model Society without notice to the submitting member.  In conjunction with the immediate termination of any membership privileges, where applicable, any member who attempts to submit images that violate this prohibition will immediately be reported to all governing authorities.


All avatars must be chosen from one of the images in your gallery.  You may not use an image for another member’s gallery unless you are listed as a collaborator on that image.  No avatar may contain any sort of mature content as described above and in the Terms and Conditions (link)

Changes in Etiquette Policy

The terms set forth in this Etiquette Policy may, from time to time, be changed or altered by Model Society to ensure that we provide the most secure and comfortable user experience for all of our members.  Such modifications may be enforced retroactively to previously existing submissions or behavior.

Members are responsible to review this Etiquette Policy frequently to ensure that your behavior remains in line with any modified terms set forth herein.


Complaints and Inquiries

If any member should have any complaints, questions, comments or concerns regarding any action taken by another member of Model Society, or for any action taken by Model Society under the terms of this Etiquette Policy, please email

Model Society strives to provide the world’s most respected community of models, photographers and artists with an outlet to spread their work to a larger audience and nurture new relationships among its members.  With this goal in mind, Model Society hopes that all members act with courteousness and respect toward all other members and their work.  Model Society has the irrevocable and absolute right to terminate any membership privileges for any violation of this Etiquette Policy.  We endorse the simple tenet: “Do unto others, as you’d have done unto you.” 

Thank you in advance for adhering to the policies herein.