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artistic nude natural light photo by photographer teb art photo

by TEB-Art Photo (P)

Model Celina Bobina, 2016


2 Community comments

  • I just love this pose too. So self-assured and strong and the background is fabulous.

    • She was an excellent model. I think she left to take up teaching? We actually used property belonging to her folks. A family of artists.

      At one point, I had her stand on a board and asked her to take a "surfing pose." She looked at her hands and gave me a funny look. Not being west coast, her first association with surfing was changing channels. Being an old timer, sometimes I have take care with language around models.

      The current world has so many cool things I never encountered in my youth. Fire juggling, hoop dancing, traveling models, pictures you can review as soon as you take them. Editing. It is so nice to do a half dozen versions of a shot and mull about which one is "the keeper."

  • Such a cool place to shoot a top-quality model!



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