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18 out of 43 in Bath
sensual bath artistic nude photo by photographer legacyphotographyllc
Sensual Bath

by LegacyPhotographyLLC (P)

Jamie - Bath @ Legacy Studio


9 Community comments

  • perfect shot!

    • Thank you!
      We love it when other artists and peers comment on our work. It is much appreciated!

      Best Regards, Tim :)

  • LOVE tub shots - and this one's a winner! You're giving me courage to post some of my own!

    • Thanks Tony,

      I really appreciate the input, it means a lot for other artists to comment on your work :)

      Best Regards, Tim :)

  • Jamie Lee is one of my models also. It shows me a different side of her: how she looks when photographed in a formal studio. Excellent work and thanks for following me too!

    • Thank you for your comments, always love to hear about a model we have worked with and other photographers. Thank you for the input.

      Best Regards, Tim :)

  • a lovely image

  • Perfectly elegant!

  • I love almost any image of Jamie and this one really shows her the setting and the lace is just perfect.

  • Gorgeous....setting and pose are perfect!

  • luxurious

  • Beautifully composed. Great color contrast. The model is absolutely gorgeous. My compliments to the photographer.



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