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offering of silence artistic nude photo by photographer unmasked
Offering of Silence

by Unmasked (P) and Saskia Mahani (M)

This image was given a Merit in the 2020 Photoshoot awards.


  • Mature image

13 Community comments

  • Talk about locations...this here is a beauty! Well done!

    • You're very kind! It was a bit of a walk to get to, but worth it.

  • A delicate contrast and complement to this beautiful natural setting!

  • What a beautiful shot!

  • Fabulous!

  • I can see why it was given merit! Stunning!

  • I love it. Care to share the location?

    • Thank you!
      Th location is a little known dry canyon in the Newnes area of New SOuth Wales, Australia. It's a bit of a trip to get to...

    • I would be a quite a trip to get to from the US :P
      Thank you!

    • If you ever make the trip, do let me know.

  • Love it !

  • Stunning lighting: I'd love to use a location like this.

  • Very nice scene as well as model and posing..

  • Awesome composiition!

  • The light is right on, great location....Well Done....

    • Humble thanks. It all just came together at the right time.

  • Dramatic lighting, pose and location. Well done by all.

  • I loved the way you framed this glorious image, and the way she stands within it. Just beautiful work from both of you!



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