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sierra siren artistic nude photo by photographer philip turner
Sierra Siren

by Philip Turner (P)

Model California Kaela (Venus of The Sierra's) at home.

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  • Mature image

6 Community comments

  • Nope, Married with adult Kids. I have nudes all over the house. My wife totally supports my work, she’s posed foe me back in the day.

    • That's great. I swear I am going to have to leave my work to appreciative nieces and nephews when I pass. Or tell everyone to bring their prints to my funeral!

  • A must for my wall.

    • You must be single! But thanks for the high complements and purchase. My wife would not go for the body of a younger model going up on the wall. But hopefully you'll enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Brilliantly captured.

  • Captivating .........

  • Wow! Everything about this photograph is perfect.

  • This is gorgeous. Such sculptural elegance and beautiful framing!



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