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sakura s dream artistic nude photo by photographer treegirl
Sakura's Dream

by TreeGirl (P)

Cherry and Dogwood trees, Hokkaido, Japan– Self-portrait by TreeGirl


  • Mature image

1 Community comment

  • Great to see some new images from you! We've got a draft article completed! Looking forward to including you in the magazine.

    • Tree-rific! Yes, it's been a long time! Let me know if you need high res images and of which ones. – Thank you so much! TreeGirl

    • Great :) I've got a batch. But if you have new images I'd be happy to have them available.

    • I've uploaded the newest ones. I think everything I uploaded is at 72dpi, so if anything goes to print, let me know which Images and I can send them to you at 300dpi. I'm really honored to be included! btw-I just noticed the SIGN UP banner at the bottom has a typo: "Sign up for the nwesletter" ; )



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