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Alabaster Nude Artistic Nude Photo by Photographer Philip Turner
Alabaster Nude

by Philip Turner (P) and Elle Beth (M)

Model Elle Beth in the studio for this collaboration.

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  • Mature image

3 Community comments

  • A True Classic!!!!!!

    • Thanks Dennis, I just saw your kind comment. Greatly appreciated from someone like yourself. I consider you one of the modern nude masters.

    • Well deserved and the compliment is greatly appreciated = very flattered!

  • This is a profoundly beautiful image. Thank you so much.

    • Thank-you for the accolades. I truly love artist with real talent. Because they can do things which I always struggled to do - paint or draw. Your work is almost cubist or expressionist in nature. Very graphic and bold. I added my personal favorite to my my gallery. I added it because I love the refined perspective the small area so delicately rendered. Keep it up and thanks again for all your comments.

  • Really nice shot Phil.

    • Thanks for the appreciative comment. And in replying I realized I don’t know your real name! Also the reply link is buried behalf nd the location no for your screen name. But that is a site coding issue. But thanks again for your support. Regards, Phil

    • I got it now thanks Mark!



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