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Artistic Nude Erotic Photo by Model Sirsdarkstar

by Sirsdarkstar (M) and dennis keim (P)


  • Mature image

11 Community comments

  • Fantastic work, powerful, provocative, immediately engaging! Really beautiful!

  • love this, dramatic and simply beautiful :)

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Spectacular image!

  • Brilliant work, the two of you.

    • Thank you! It was an honor to collaborate and create this image with Dennis..

    • His vision, your body - two great talents to pose and light this to create the composition. I love it!

    • Thank you ... it was indeed a true collaboration!!

  • I know a lot can be said about the lights and all that stuff. but I want to appreciate the brave and strong soul beneath it all who has the creativity and strength to take this pose with poise.

    • Really it was all about a shared faith that was
      a combination between Trust and Vision

    • Indeed it was. Trust, vision and a desire to create art, are powerful motivators which resulted in one of my favorite images!

  • nice light ...amazing body !!!

  • I Love how the light shines on you with the high key and low key giving you the beautiful shape that you have this is definitely a artistic image I love it nice work.

  • Beautiful shape and form.

  • Hauntingly beautiful, great symmetry.

  • No greater example and representation of Art than that of the Female Form - Beauty to Behold!

    • The female form has been the epitome of art from the beginning of mankind... Behold the artist, who is able to capture that form, in his creation of art!

    • These are great words, the two of you! :-D



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