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2 out of 76 in Lars's Portfolio
strength Artistic Nude Photo by Model Lars

by Lars (M)

Twice award winning and once magazine cover photo. Photographer Una Streit Larsen Model Lars Holmgren


9 Community comments

  • Excellent, so expressive...

    • I'm really happy to hear and thanks for making it a favorite of yours.

  • Wonderful!

    • I'm really proud and pleased with this photo.

  • beautifully done

    • I highly appreciate the outcome of this session and my muscles felt for two or three days after.

  • Every time I see this it strikes me as one of the most dynamic images I've seen in ages. Bare essentials, exquisitely lit with a fabulous pose!

    • That's super pleasing words to hear, indeed. Thanks Philip!

      This minimalism is the result of my effort and the skill and creativity of the photographer and I'm super happy with the set of pictures from that session.

      If the world gets smaller and heathier I'd love to go to the US again and explore modelling there. What's it like for male nude art and bodypainting?

    • Thanks!

      The cultural patterns, norms, ideas, standards etc often assign all of "beauty", "attractive", "sexy" and such to the female bodies and shapes. That's probably a key part of the self fueling motion of preferring female models, don't you think?

      I've done nude art duos with several female models and do love it so that may open doors contra being sky of that genre.

    • I am intrigued with male nudes and you have done such a great job with them. I don't know how much demand there would be for solo male nudes here, but the the male/female constructs seem to be gaining popularity. As most photographers are male and geared towards female forms that will always be the majority of images that are produced here. I think you might get a good response from a number of photographers here because your work is exemplary. I have had some communications with Ted (ArtFitnessModel) here and you might touch bases with him on the subject. Keep up the great work!

  • It has a name. Art. In this case, the Art of the model captured by the Art of the lens. Both revealing the balance and power of the well considered human form.

  • Admirable and thought provoking. Thanks

    • Thanks.
      When a photo make someone think, remember, imagine, fantasise, fill in gaps, feel something etc then it's somewhat successful

  • Great picture....compliments!

    • It's a proud moment in my many years of modelling. Thanks.

  • You only have to follow your feelings for more great pictures like this and all the others on your portfolio :D I'm sure you'll surprise yourself ;)

    • I hope I will, and suppose others too! :)

  • Very strong image Lars! My compliments! :D

    • It's an absolute favourite of mine but I strive to improve.



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