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2 Community comments

  • I return to your portfolio, and continually find items of adoration in the perusal. The lighting and pose of your model brings to mind the aesthetic austerity of Koppitz with the cinematic magnetism of Murnau, softened with the textural layering of a linear wallpaper, a monochromatic panel to separate the figure from the background, and then the incongruous inclusion of a room divider that partially hides your model, Victorian in frame, but with panel inserts that are almost painted by Dali, were he to paint by the sea. It has both ambiguity, and intrigue -- it's always fascinating looking at your work!

    • Thanks as always for such insightful comments. I feel like I am reading a Susan Sontag or John Szarkowski review; yours are loaded with insight not usually found with contemporary photographers. Check out this link for a close color version that was recently offered for sale by Duncan Miller Gallery: I think it has even more of the intrigue in it as a color image. It was also on my main profile page for a while: But here it is on this site: Just replied to message on printing. Appreciatively, Phil

  • Love the composition of this.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I was rather enthralled with all the planes with forms and textures on each. Catalina just fit right in and complemented the entire composition and became the primary focal point.



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