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Nude as Fountain Centerpiece Artistic Nude Photo by Photographer Philip Turner
Nude as Fountain Centerpiece

by Philip Turner (P)

Albumin print rendering of the original digital image.


1 Community comment

  • Absolutely luv the sepia effect
    Truly beyond elegant to my eye

    • I had your page up in my tabs for the last few months I had to come back and review thoroughly.. To enjoy admire and appreciate with every bit of my being

    • Still on the island
      Everyone is grounded these days ..

    • Thanks Diana. I love that you added this to your favorites gallery and took the time to leave such a kind comment on this image.

    • Thanks for holding my profile page in waiting. You are very kind and generous with your commentary. I still want to get to Canada and shoot with you. You are still in Nanaimo? For now we Americans can't get in to Canada with Covid running strong there. Hopefully things will change soon.



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