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Forbidden Pleasure Artistic Nude Photo by Model Chelsea Jo
Forbidden Pleasure

by Chelsea Jo (M)


13 Community comments

  • lovely sensual and natural

  • lovely

  • Awesome leading shot in your portfolio. Gorgeous and sensual! well done by all.

  • love the sensuality of it

  • Fantástico y muy variados trabajos, ciertamente muy versatil y moldeable. Me encantas.

  • Very seductive. Nice work.

  • Incredibly lovely.

  • dramatic pose...gorgeous look

  • Thanks for your kind comments on my portfolio :)
    I really love this work, its sensual, suggestive without going too far and ...oh my god.. your abs...just can't stop looking at them. Monochrome really works here too.
    If you happen to tour in Europe and Amsterdam is on your list, there is a shoot waiting to happen :)

  • edgy with soft passion

  • Beautiful image. I really like your portfolio. If you're ever in my neck of the woods, Nevada or Wyoming, I would like to discuss an outdoor shoot.

  • Why thank you for the nice comment.. I try to convey emotion in my photographs...

  • Beautiful work. very sensual without being vulgar.



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