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Loving Elephant

by GonZaLo Villar (A)

Model: Chucha Photo: Ivan Warhammer Art Work: Gonzalo Villar based on a photo of M. E. Mark


  • Mature image

12 Community comments

  • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
    8 months ago

    All kudos too numerous to mention and already stated. Thanks for the background information on this image too. Much appreciated.

    • Andy Fiechtner Photographer Andy Fiechtner
      last year

      Just love this picture!

      • milchuk Photographer milchuk
        2 years ago

        Stunning image!!!!

        • tongoslinga Photographer tongoslinga
          3 years ago

          absolutely brilliant

          • Phillip D Breske Photographer Phillip D Breske
            3 years ago

            Wow. Thank you for this.

            • aFeinberg Photographer aFeinberg
              3 years ago

              this is next level. amazing.

              • RudyBrunnler Photographer RudyBrunnler
                5 years ago

                Really outstanding image...

                • BenErnst Photographer BenErnst
                  5 years ago

                  Amazing, wonderful concept

                  • Vasco Abranches Photographer Vasco Abranches
                    6 years ago


                    • I love your eye for juxtaposition. You see opportunities where I never would imagine.

                      • balm in Gilead Photographer balm in Gilead
                        6 years ago

                        I have no words for how amazing this is!

                        • Bill Earle Photographer Bill Earle
                          6 years ago

                          Wonderful !!!



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