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I hate making promises I can't keep... Artistic Nude Photo by Model Mila
I hate making promises I can't keep...

by Mila (M)

(c) 13th Floor Photo


  • Mature image

12 Community comments

  • This image is priceless.

    • Wow....Great image!!!! LOL

      • Playful and clever. Somehow I get the feeling that the title is accurate and that Mila is making a promise she has no intention of keeping. Well done!

        • Great photo, got a chuckle, an admiring gaze out of me, and a feeling that I know how the story went! Superb work, awesome concept!

          • I love this image

            • Very kewl!

              • love this!! especially as a simpson's fan haha. the concept in general though *muah!* fantastic!

                • Awesoooome!!!

                  • Love this. Adding it to the homepage rotation.

                    • clever concept, similar to my style.

                      • I had to write a lot on the board in grammar school, but never (fortunately) anything like that. Fun picture!

                        • This is fantastic!



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