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Underwater Flight

by EdR (P)

Shot with Nikon D 200 in Ikelite underwater housing in 8 foot deep pool

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  • Mature image

8 Community comments

  • Philip Turner Photographer Philip Turner
    9 months ago

    Stunning image. Aqueous, fluid and with the total sense of expanse and space that's befitting of an underwater creation in that it transcends the environment. Beautiful.

    • Randall Hobbet Photographer Randall Hobbet
      5 years ago

      Love how dancerly her form is... great image!

      • ShadowPainting Photographer ShadowPainting
        5 years ago

        Great pose, camera angle, and light. Beautiful.

        • Adero Photographer Adero
          6 years ago

          Beautifully done! Underwater metering must have been more than a little tricky!

          • Beautiful! Adding this to rotation on the homepage.

            • David Bollt Artist David Bollt
              6 years ago

              Wow. Magic!

              • Joanna Model Joanna
                6 years ago

                wonderful! fantastic capture

                • Howard Nowlan Photographer Howard Nowlan
                  6 years ago

                  Great work.



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