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Waiting for the Wolf

by David Bollt (A) and HollyLoveday (M)

Little Red Ridding hood waits for the wolf. She is sensual and serene with soft pale flesh exposed from under folds of scarlet red. She looks at you dreamily through alluring eyes that are barely open.

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  • Mature image

30 Community comments

  • Paolo Lazzarotti Photographer Paolo Lazzarotti
    8 months ago


    • Leaf Model Leaf
      last year

      That's a gorgeous image - I love the mysticism - and the unusual perspective!

      • Risen Phoenix Photographer Risen Phoenix
        last year

        An amazing piece of art

        • J Photoart Photographer J-Photoart
          3 years ago

          Spectacular image!

          • Vincent Isner Photographer Vincent Isner
            3 years ago

            This is as lovely as they get! I love the muted tones and the low angle - beautiful composition and feeling. Congratulations to all!

            • ASHZ Photographer ASHZ
              4 years ago

              Talking about true beauty in dark fantasy!!! Amazingly Done!!

              • Rob MacGillivray Artist Rob MacGillivray
                4 years ago

                Wonderful evocative picture. Sensual and thoughtful.

                • Nelenu Model Nelenu
                  4 years ago

                  full image, full colours, full model. My eyes feel fully satisfied.

                  • John Anthony Photographer John Anthony
                    5 years ago

                    Cant put my finger on it but a beautiful image, captivating.

                    • Philippe Photographer Philippe
                      5 years ago

                      perfect work

                      • freespirit Model freespirit
                        5 years ago

                        Beautiful work of art. Lovely vermillion, great composition and light.

                        • Tate Hemlock Photographer Tate Hemlock
                          6 years ago

                          Fascinating and beautiful.

                          • BenErnst Photographer BenErnst
                            6 years ago

                            It has also something religious, like a madonno

                            • Steven Mcivor Photographer Steven Mcivor
                              6 years ago

                              Such a beautiful work of art, well posed, well shot, well processed, Kudos !

                              • beautiful mood, classic, timeless.

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