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Thank you for visiting my Model Society profile page. I am an East Coast transplant to the Pacific Northwest, and I have degrees in art and law. I worked in catalog photography as... more
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The Artlaw



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The Artlaw Model Citizen

about The Artlaw


Thank you for visiting my Model Society profile page.

I am an East Coast transplant to the Pacific Northwest, and I have degrees in art and law. I worked in catalog photography as a photographer’s assistant while an undergrad design student at Rutgers. Starting my collegiate career as an illustration major, I soon discovered painting and photography, ultimately graduating with a BA in Art & Design.

I make my living as an attorney, and consider myself a journeyman photographer. My primary interest in photography is in making art and building my portfolio.

I originally picked up the camera as a means for creating reference photos for paintings, until I fell in love with the photograph as art in its own right. I love the relatively immediacy and portability of photography in the digital age, as I am a notoriously slow painter, and I just don’t have the time right now with the demands of my day job to commit to it the way I might otherwise like to. Some have described my photographic work as painterly, however, which makes sense to me, as I try to compose with a painterly eye.

My current interest in model photography is pairing my interest in long exposure waterfall images with the female nude form, as well as the nude in nature generally. I also seek to capture a mood with each image. I live in a wonderful corner of the world, and I greatly enjoy a collaborative effort with the model, and I’ve been blessed to work with some wonderfully creative talent.

Please enjoy my work and thanks again for visiting. Your support enables me to continue to produce, and I like to share revenue with my model collaborators. If you'd like to buy a print, you are supporting them as well.


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  • Thank you for adding one of my pictures to your gallery and for following me. Much appreciated. All the best, Henk

  • Thanks for the add to your gallery. Love your nude in nature images.

  • Pleasure to follow your work here and your current creative endeavors in the West. I appreciate the number of images you've added to various favorite galleries. Very kind of you. Of course you utilize my favorite fine art nude genre; "nudes in nature." You can't go wrong (or at least it's pretty hard to!)

    • Thanks, that is very kind of you to comment, and I greatly appreciate the follow. Your portfolio is wonderful, and I have been overwhelmed by the number of amazing nudes in nature, and artistic nudes in general. Well done!

  • My very sincere thanks for the follow.

    • You’re very welcome. Our subject matter is similar and I enjoy your work.

  • Hello The Artlaw -

    Thanks for adding my photo of Keira to your "Favorites" gallery. "The Pedals of a Rose" is one of my favorite images that I've taken of her.

    Thanks again.



    • You’re welcome, it’s a beautiful capture. It didn’t quite fit into my theme galleries, so it defaulted to my favorites folder. I love the rich, red, warm tones!

  • J'aime beaucoup votre portfolio.

  • The Artlaw -

    I'd like to thank you for including two of my photos of Sienna Hayes in your gallery. "Rayes of the Morning Sun" with "Toreador" are a couple of my favorites.

    Thanks for adding them to your gallery. By the way, I've checked your portfolio and you have a great collection of Keira Grant photos.

    And I just posted a photo of Devi this morning.

    Thanks for recognizing my work. Your work in your portfolio is impressive. Your portfolio is impressive considering that you continue to work as an attorney. Where do you find the time?

    Anyway, keep up the great work


    Neil Jacobson

    • I really appreciate the comments, thank you Neil. Your work is gorgeous, and I was happy to add it to the gallery. And yes, Keira and Devi are amazing models. To your question, there’s never enough time😁

  • Thank you for including my work in your classical gallery! I'm in good company, can't wait to see what will join it next. BTW I enjoyed your work too, can't wait to see more!

    • Thanks kindly, and you’re very welcome. I love the classical, oil-paint feel of your work. I will follow your work with great interest!

  • Your images have a painterly, sculptural and atmospheric style that is truly beautiful to take in. I hope to see much more of your exceptional work!

  • Love all the works you did with Keira....look forward to other works with such caliber.

  • Thank you so much, happy to be here!

  • Welcome to Model Society! You have a wonderful portfolio. So excited to see how you branch out into the community :) We're here to help if you need anything along the way.