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I'm a bit of a renaissance man and dabble in many forms of art. I received my Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Design and heavily focused on Illustration at Art Center College of... more
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Soulcraft Model Citizen

about Soulcraft


I'm a bit of a renaissance man and dabble in many forms of art. I received my Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Design and heavily focused on Illustration at Art Center College of Design. I studied the figure traditionally for years before and during my formal education.

Moving painfully far from authentic self expression, working mostly in the entertainment industry, I decided to explore photography as a new creative outlet. I haven't put the camera down since. Now I own and shoot with a variety of cameras and film types, especially extremely expired or discontinued stocks and modifications required to shoot them. Photography has allowed me to find creativity and inspiration once more.

My focus has evolved over time as I've immersed myself within the celebration of human beauty. During particular shoots I began to notice a specific recurring experience. I had been acutely aware of it in the past but it revealed itself more and more when working actively with nature.

In any photographic situation, there is a collaborative bond between the photographer and the muse. But in nature, the bond is shared with the environment as well. The balance and alignment with nature itself is palpable, the beauty of form in relation to the elements and vice versa, compounded and celebrated in its commonalities and juxtaposition. A "decisive moment" of surreal beauty emerges in this alignment. The practice of arriving at this moment is an alchemy of sorts. I'm developing a photo book on this subject, which you can support via the kickstarter link on this page.

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  • Yesssir!!

  • Such a stunning portfolio. Really beautiful work!

  • Amazing collection of work! Love your locations… Beautiful art!

  • Happy to see you on here. Your artistic work, and your ability to transform what "we" see into the uniqueness of "how and what" you see is something I greatly appreciate and enjoy. 👍

    • Hey great to see you here too! The feeling is mutual. 🙌 Truly a magical aspect of photography. Hope your photographic adventures are going well lately!

  • That's a neon light. I'm thinking of getting one for studio work. This one with Ivory Flame was shot remotely..

  • Creative art work, I enjoy visiting your portfolio

  • Your work is absolutely stunning!! I hope to get the chance to model for you sometime!!

  • LOVE your portfolio of wonderful images.
    Visited your website and see you have worked with one of favorite models…the talented and gorgeous Eva. Eva has a wonderful soul !!
    Bravo on your wonderful images !!!

    • Thank you!!! Eva is one of my favorites as well! She's awesome. I just noticed she's back on instagram! Loving your portfolio as well!

  • Strong Work!!

  • You have a truly captivating and beautiful portfolio. The joy of collaboration between artist and muse comes through strongly in your work. I hope to see much more!

    • I truly appreciate your kind words! It means the world to be appreciated through another artist's eyes. Thank you!

  • Welcome to Model Society! Your portfolio is beautiful, we can't wait to see what you create within the community! Let us know if you need anything.

    • Thank you for all the kind support and encouragement you've graciously shared since I joined MS. I'm so grateful!