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In the world of fine art and photography, my journey has been a sensual and earthy exploration of beauty, movement, and raw emotions. I've evolved from being a fine art travel model... more
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Sirena E. Wren



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Sirena E. Wren

about Sirena E. Wren


In the world of fine art and photography, my journey has been a sensual and earthy exploration of beauty, movement, and raw emotions. I've evolved from being a fine art travel model and muse into a passionate photographer, and it's a journey that has been shaped by a remarkable connection with @mynameisaldus.

My story begins with me as a muse, inspiring artists and photographers around the world with my expressive poses and innate ability to convey emotions. But it was when I crossed paths with @mynameisaldus that my life took an enchanting turn. Our connection was electric, and our shared love for the art of photography ignited a creative fire within us.

As we embarked on our journey together, @mynameisaldus discovered his hidden talent behind the camera, driven by the desire to capture the beauty and sensuality that had drawn us together. It was a transformational experience, watching him evolve into a skilled photographer.

My own transition from model to photographer was equally empowering. I started creating self-portraits that spoke to my innermost desires and vulnerabilities. This newfound exploration allowed me to connect with my subjects on a deeper level, capturing raw emotions and angles that were previously unseen.

Together, @mynameisaldus and I embarked on collaborative projects that pushed the boundaries of art and sensuality. We delved into capturing movement, fine art nudes, and the captivating allure of urban decay settings. Our work became a testament to the chemistry we shared, both personally and creatively.

As a modelographer, I am passionate about capturing the essence of sensuality, embracing the raw and unfiltered aspects of human expression. I believe in creating art that transcends the ordinary, provoking emotions and stimulating the senses.

While I primarily focus on self-portraits and collaborative projects with creative artists, I remain open to new and exciting opportunities. My work is driven by an unquenchable thirst for genuine connections and artistic expression. I welcome limited trade collaborations with fellow traveling models who have established portfolios, as I believe in the power of mutual inspiration and growth.

In the end, my journey from muse to modelographer is a celebration of sensuality and authenticity. Through the lens of my camera, I aim to capture the beauty that surrounds us and the emotions that flow within us, creating art that is both evocative and deeply human.


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  • Diversely crafted and simply amazing! -from one modelographer to another

  • Thank you for adding my work to your gallery! You have a very compelling portfolio.

  • Totally enjoyed going through your site...some different takes on shots. And doing images of yourself is really difficult...they are so good.
    Thank you for that selection of Mila. I am lucky to have worked with her.

  • What a wonderful and dynamic body of work. Very inspiring!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed looking through your intriguing portfolio. Thank you for following.

  • Thank you for adding my work to your gallery

  • Thank you for adding my work to your gallery

  • Thank you for the follow. I have perused yours as well, and REALLY like how you blend wild beauty. I look forward to more!

  • Thanks for following my work

  • Thank you for your interest in my work and for bringing your portfolio to my attention. You have some lovely images in great locations.

  • If you find yourself in Boise Idaho let's collaborate and publish some work - a beautiful story and portfolio

  • Fascinatingly different styles in your portfolio, thank you for following me. We will never meet but I look forward to what we shoot in the future.

  • Nice work, intriguing and thought provoking. On top of that, you are the best of both worlds... model and photographer! Not every photog shoots self-portraits, so that is another nice thing you do.
    Thank you for following my work. It means a lot to me.

  • My sincere thanks for the follow. Loving the port.

  • Fantastic work, inspiring, fresh and it!

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